Flush the Solids:

Solids are more of a problem. Some of our friends have composting toilets, which make a lot of sense, and probably will become more and more popular. The nice plastic ones can cost a lot of money, and thus violate our rule of reaching our goal with nothing expensive. For several years, we would use kitchen grey water to flush solids down the toilet, and, yes, indeedy, it did work! Of course, the plumber who came was stunned to find bits of lettuce in our toilet tank. He felt compelled to give us a lecture on not doing that. It isn’t always easy to visibly live more sustainably.

Now we have given up, at least temporarily. With real diligence in all our other water usage, with almost all our greywater already finding uses, and with a low-flush 1.4 gallon toilet, we have accepted the approximately once a day per person use of drinking water for flushing. NOT IDEAL- perhaps even insane! Got other ideas?